Trishark Board Meeting Minutes 4/6/2016

TriShark Board Meeting Minutes
Time/Date: Wednesday April 6th 7:00PM
Location: Ames Library, IL Wesleyan
Attendees: Chris Sweet, Brian Nelson, Rick Lindquist, Kevin Gann, Jeff Walden, Marla Adams, Jill Overholt, Jason Overholt

Misc Topics
• We do not have an official presence on USAT. We need to remedy that. Currently waiting to hear from Dennis for more information and next action. This is important.  (since this meeting, this has been remedied)

• There is a document in our Google Drive that includes such things as passwords, user names, account numbers, etc for Flickr, WordPress, etc. Pay Pal has been removed for security reasons.

• There is a google drive document where we can share our phone numbers. Please update this if you feel comfortable doing so.

• We do not have a password for Survey Monkey. People seem to use their own accounts. With that knowledge, we will have to basically start from scratch to build the survey for active/inactive Trishark members that we were hoping to have sent out prior to this meeting.

• Trishark Board will take over the current TNTT FaceBook page. We will adjust the title and ADMIN accesses accordingly

• PUPS – it might be nice if TS Board could pop in say hello to the Pups group. Currently 4 board members are serving as Pups mentors. Rick will try to make an appearance at Shirk one Monday evening.

• We have some volunteers being comped their Trishark membership fees. We need to visit that list and reach out to any who need to re-up their membership.

• How often should TriShark board meet? Bi monthly at least, as we work to get this club back on track

• How often should we have a Trishark member meeting?

• There will be a Trishark table at the Multisport Expo. We will need some folks to assist with the management of the table.

There was a lot of discussion around Tuesday Night Time Trials. Highlights follow:
- Kelly would like to have Trishark take ownership of TNTT.
- She is happy to stay on as the coordinator.
- Kelly would be covered by Trishark insurance serving in the capacity volunteer/director.
- We need waivers to be signed by every participant

Jeff has copies that he will get to Kelly for TNTT kick off Tues 4/12
- Do participants sign a waiver EACH time they ride, or does 1 waiver cover the TNTT season?
- If 1 waiver covers the season, we need to add a check box to the master timing spreadsheet indicating who has signed the waiver

We then spent some time discussing who is allowed to race, is there a fee, etc.
- Do we charge a fee per ride?
- Do we offer a TNTT season membership?
- Do we require all participants to be a Trishark member?

There 2 things agreed upon for now.
- A waiver MUST be signed
- Make it clear to participants that if they are not Trishark members, they do not have insurance coverage

Lastly on the TNTT front – Kelly will need full assistance running TNTT beginning August 22nd until the season closing of TNTT due to her class schedule.

How can we promote TriShark as an active fun and beneficial group?
- Possible extension of mentorship after Pups graduate
- Share training opportunities – FB, email, post on website
- Winter Workouts
- Newsletter – include things like rules, events, rental of wheels/bike case
- Social gatherings

How can we make our Trishark website better?
- Discussed using a new theme to allow for more topics to be displayed and to move Log In to the top
- Include TNTT results here
▪ Find a way to allow folks to use historic data to see how they have improved
▪ Post historic data
- Race Reports so folks can learn about other race courses
- Pictures so we don’t have to creep and swipe from FB
- Apparel section to order TriShark gear

Action Items:
Schedule Board meetings

Continue discussion about fees/membership for TNTT (need to address quickly perhaps?!)

Communicate lack of insurance coverage if you are not Trishark member participating at

Verify if participants sign a waiver EACH time they ride, or does 1 waiver cover the TNTT season?

Obtain USAT presence

Prepare and send out Survey

Add phone #s in Google Drive

Schedule people to staff the table at Multisport expo

Continue to think about bettering the website

Continue to think about marketing ideas

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