Tri-Shark Club Update!

Many sharks have been asking about the status of the Tri-Shark Classic race. Colleen has announced that this year will be her last as race director. The Tri-Shark Classic is a great asset to our community and we would all like to see it continue under local direction. We are working with Colleen to help make the transition to a new director a smooth one. Tri-Shark WILL be back in 2017, details to follow.

In other Classic-related news, Dennis Killian has invited club members to his house at Lake Bloomington for a post-race party! Bring drinks and a dish to pass. Check the Tri-Shark Facebook page for more information.

Let’s have some club meetings! Forgive me if the meeting agendas are largely conceptual at this point. Here are the dates (all start at 6:30pm):

June 20 @ Shirk Center Northeast classroom – educational session on endurance nutrition

August 8 – agenda TBA

September 26 - agenda TBA

November 7 – agenda TBA

The Tri-Shark board recently reviewed the club's sponsorship criteria and benefits policy. As a community-based not for profit organization the Tri-Shark club recognizes the need to support local businesses that are involved in any aspect of triathlon (equipment, coaching, massage, physical therapy, etc.) In the past the club has welcomed sponsorship from multiple local businesses who operate in the same category (equipment). The board asserted that this policy should be extended to any local triathlon-related business who wants to enter into a sponsorship agreement with the club. The club sponsorship benefits and criteria can be found here:

Finally, don’t forget that the club has two sets of race wheels and a bike travel case available to members! They say you can buy speed on the bike, but in this case you can save some money and just rent speed for race week. Here are descriptions of the rental equipment and a link to the reservation calendar (you’ll need to be logged into the website):

Thanks everyone!

Rick @ Tri-Shark Board

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