Shark Report: Try Tri Illinois 2016

trytripintRace: Rick Lindquist reporting on Try Tri Illinois 2016, Edwardsville IL

Course Summary: 300y/20mi/4mi - pool swim, good roads, paved running path

Results: 14/142 overall, 3/16 AG

Other Sharks present: Jerry Smith

Swim: Serpentine pool swim. Pool walls were stainless and hard to see with my tinted goggles. Yes, I'm too cheap to buy a 2nd pair of goggles. Long barefoot jog to transition.

Bike: Out and back. Worried a bit about getting out of the parking lot, otherwise smooth roads. Not too hilly. Leaned on the bike more than normal but still made a point to thank police officers at intersections.

Run: Out and back. Beautiful paved trail system, even nicer than the Constitution Trail IMO. Very spectator friendly - a short hill followed by a right turn to the finish.

Weird Trivia and Facts: Dude got mixed up in the pool and started swimming against traffic. Dogs in transition area. A much younger racer passed me early on the run. Passed him back 100yds from the finish as he was tossing his cookies in the grass. I guess pool water is not a part of your nutritious race day breakfast.


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