Shark Report: Multi Sport Training Day 2016

Race: Jerry Smith reporting on Multi Sport Training Day 2016, Lake Bloomington

Course Summary: Course summary? I only did the swim. They had buoys in the water to mark off about a 300 yard (I believe) course. The water was COLD! I heard 63 degrees. Though I did get used to the water temp after some swimming.

Results: There were no "results", but I feel the organizers are number one here.

Other Sharks present: I did get to talk to Kevin McCarthy briefly. (Sorry I didn't recognize you at first.) I'm sure there were lots of other Sharks there, but since I don't know them yet, I can't list them.

Swim: The swim was my first time in the open water and the first time in a wetsuit. It was quite the eye opener. I found out that open water swimming is not the same as pool swimming. The had a quick meeting of the beginners at the beginning so I hung out in the back and listened to very with coach McCarthy said. This was a great touch for a beginner like me. Actually I could us more of this. Once I started swimming I felt the cold water did have an effect on my breathing on my first attempt of the loop. I felt it wasn't long that I got accustomed to the water temp. But I quickly learnt that I do NOT swim In a straight line. I was actually surprised bay this as I swim straight in the pool without any thought. Oh the things I need to learn. I then spent the rest of my time in the water trying to figure out what I need to do to swim straight. My main fear of the swim was being in the way of the faster swimmers. I found this to it be an issue (as far as I could tell anyway). And everybody I talked to was nice and friendly. Bottom line, I had a good time and found it to be a good learning experience.

Bike: I didn't do the bike ride as I had a minor issue with my bike at the time. I did go home after the swim and got the bike road worthy again, but by the time I was able to ride back to Timber Pointe, lunch had already started. I am more of a cyclist that any of the other sports so I did have to check out the other bikes that were there. I saw some nice bikes. A cyclist eye candy?

Run: The run was first this day so I didn't do the run as I didn't know what to expect in the swim and didn't want to make the swim harder that what it could have been for me.

Weird Trivia and Facts: 63 degree water is cold, but you'll get used to it. And the Tri Sharks are a friendly group of people.


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