Shark Report: John Clausen @ Tri-Shark Classic 2016

Race: John Clausen reporting on Tri-Shark Classic 2016, Hudson IL

Course Summary: Sprint distance; 600 yard swim, 13 mile bike, 5K run

Results: 61st overall, 7th in my age group, 2nd in my family!

Other Sharks present: Lots of 'em, it was the Tri-Shark!

Swim: Triangle course with fairly smooth water and barely wetter than the weather. I thought I went fast. I thought wrong.

Bike: My bike shoe had a broken strap. That didn't slow me down much because the wind, 10 extra pounds, and lack of training took care of that. It was my slowest ride in some time.

Run: I saw a friend as I ran out and decided I might have to go fast. Yea, right. Early calf cramps in both legs made it look like I'd been electrocuted. Once those subsided it was a decent run. At the turn I saw friends in hot pursuit and one of my daughters had made up significantly more time then the heat stagger. So much for having one more year of household bragging rights, I considered pushing her down, but didn't. Saw my other daughter shortly after that and she was grinning and having fun. I love that my girls race the TriShark. They make me proud.

Weird Trivia and Facts: I was chicked by one of my14 year olds but getting beat by her was sort of fun. And though I held off my other daughter (for now) I'm equally proud of both of them for racing with me. To Colleen: thanks for running the show for so long!

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