Shark Report 3: Pioneer Sprint 2016

Race: Kevin Tuuk reporting on Pioneer Sprint 2016, Petersburg IL

Course Summary: 300yd swim, 13 miles bike, 3.1 run

Results: 10th OA

Other Sharks present: Yes...disguised as Reapers and BCF riders

Swim: Time trial start in a heated indoor pool. Self-seeded line up based on your own projected finish time. Participants were started about 15 seconds apart, so this resulted in very little passing. It's fun to be in the line watching the differences in swim starts and techniques! Nice short distance from the pool to the transition area.

Bike: This year, wind was not much of a factor on this out & back course. Those that did their homework knew that the way out would be a little easier. Mostly flat course with a couple rolling hills and short climbs. The good weather and lack of wind made this a good day for a ride, even if the legs were a bit rusty! This course is open to cars.

Run: Again, the weather was good (sunny, mid 60's?), so the run was comfortable here. Not warm or humid enough to slow the pace down. Most of the run was asphalt in the residential area of Petersburg. A short portion around the halfway point is crushed gravel paths in a cemetery. Not a very scenic run, but they did mark the course well. There is one good hill near the cemetery that really tests your fitness. I watched a 21 year old blow by me at mile 1, but when he hit that hill, it looked like he was ready to lose his lunch and had to walk, lol. To his credit, he probably stayed out way too late and had more fun than I had the night before.


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