Local Weekly Bike Workouts

Hi Sharks, some people are content with solo workouts but we also have some local group options (times are subject to seasonal variation). I'm only including activities that are local, open, and free to Tri Shark club members:

Bike Rides:

Tuesday Night Worlds @ BCF - This a BCF Race Team ride. Leaves at 5:15pm sharp. This is basically a road race. You should bring a road bike, not a tri bike. Be ready for group ride dynamics: riding in a pack, pulling, pacelines, drafting, sprinting. Pace is very fast. Consider this a DROP ride.

Tuesday Night Time Trials @ Comlara Park - first bike leaves at 6pm. This is a great way to test yourself against the clock! Far better than an indoor trainer session if you need a power test, too. 20k and 40k options are available dependent on daylight hours. You should bring whatever you've got, but being aero on a tri bike really helps shave seconds and even minutes!

Wednesday Night @ Vitesse - leaves at 6pm. Multiple ride leaders are prepared to split up with groups of varying speed. Sean H can lead a fast group as fast as they want to go. Others can choose their comfort level. You could ride a tri bike or a road bike. Consider this a NO-DROP ride.

Thursday Night @ BCF - This a BCF Race Team ride. Leaves at 5:15pm. This ride is generally a developmental ride. Early season rides might be skills based, like practicing pacelines. Later in the season there may be team tactics sessions focused on road race preparation. You should bring a road bike.

Thursday night @ Wilson's Cycle - leaves at 6pm. This is a NO-DROP ride. If there is a large group it will split into "A" and "B" groups.

Friday Women's ride @ BCF - leaves at 5:30pm. This is known as the Spokeswomen Ride. This is a ladies' NO-DROP ride that frequently ends with a happy hour!

Saturday morning @ BCF - This a BCF Race Team ride. Leaves at 9am. Generally a longish road ride. Pace can get spirited at times. You could get by with a tri bike but there will be some pack riding so be prepared to keep your hands near the brakes.

Saturday morning Wheelers ride @ Constitution Trail "Y" - Casual ride. Departure time varies by month. Check the Wheelers site for details.

Sunday morning @ Normal Coffee Hound - This a BCF Race Team ride. Leaves at 9am. Similar to Saturday but generally a little more gentle. Don't drink too much coffee before the start or you'll have to stop a bunch of times on the ride.

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