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In 2018 we are updating our membership model. There will no longer be annual fees associated with membership. We are working on setting up a new registration system.

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Thank you for joining our triathlon family. As a club member you have access to many benefits. View our Sponsors Page for various discounts and check out the materials available at the Bloomington Public Library. If you have any questions, whether it's about the club, a particular race, the website, and/or any workout questions, contact any of the board members in the Contact Us page. We are here to help you become a more complete triathlete.

Thanks again for becoming a Tri-Shark member and good luck on all of your triathlon endeavors!

Tri-Shark Club Code of Conduct

The Tri-Shark Triathlon Club strives to create a safe and supportive environment for all who are interested in participating in multi-sport events. This Code of Conduct is intended to outline the standards that members are expected to uphold in order to retain the privileges of membership.

As a Tri-Shark club member, I understand that I am a representative of the entire Tri-Shark Triathlon Club. I agree to always practice good sportsmanship and follow the rules and guidelines established by USAT. I understand that volunteering is integral to the success of the club and our sport as a whole. I will always treat volunteers with respect and give back to the sport through volunteering. I will strive to encourage fellow club members and educate others about the benefits of a healthy multi-sport lifestyle.

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