Shark Report: Kaygee vs the Tri-Shark Classic 2016

Race: Kevin Gann reporting on Tri-Shark Classic 2016, Hudson IL

Course Summary: 600 yard swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run

Results: 11th Overall, 3rd in Age Group

Other Sharks present: Lots!

Swim: Got on the front of the line and sprinted to the first turn buoy. Didn't sight the buoy enough and went too wide. Got a little out of breath and felt too hot. On the back stretch slowed down to regain my composure. Sped back up after the second buoy toward the exit. Wetsuit strippers ARE AWESOME!!!

Bike: T1 didn't go as fast as I'd like. Used the park roads to loosen up the legs. My legs didn't feel "strong" so I used my gears a lot to spin at a high cadence and keep momentum. Had some back and forth with a rider that seemed to not like to be passed. Was able to pull off a flying dismount into T2.

Run: Transition effort went pretty smoothly but wished it was under a minute. 🙁 Felt fresh coming out of T2. Leg turnover was good but I let some runners go that I should have chased instead. Had a lot left in the tank on the way back and I should have quickened the pace but I stayed steady instead.

Weird Trivia and Facts: Best placement so far at the Tri-Shark.

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